Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Distant drums

A first for the year, a great spotted woodpecker drumming away somewhere on the far side of the valley. During most of our winters here on the Cych a GSW has been a daily visitor at the birdfeeders, but this year it has rarely put in appearance.
I assume that they breed in one of the veteran trees on the far side of the valley. There are plenty of them - big oaks and alders with lots of ailing, decaying limbs. Presumably, the woodpeckers have had a relatively easy time of it through this mild winter and haven't had to take their chances along with the other garden bird 'faces'.
That may change now. We've been free of snow here, but on the higher ground to the south and east it has snowed quite heavily and the forecast is for very cold temperatures. It may be that my drumming woody has jumped the gun.

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