Friday, 25 May 2012

Hot topic

Today is a lemon tea day. For some reason I love it on very hot days, when everyone else is opting for fizzy stuff from the fridge.
I'm just about to make my third cup of the day. But what to do with the bag? I've worried about teabags for a while; only a little niggle of a worry it has to be said. 
Not quite the imminent collapse of the eurozone, but then I do have some control over my used teabags. But I knew I wasn't alone when I read Garden 65 on the subject a week or so ago. What should happen to all my teabags?
They were going onto my compost heap until our council decided to start doing a waste food collection some months ago. Now they go into the little plastic bin they give us and then disappear off to some mega-composting operation somewhere or other.
So, what's better - bags in the council's bin or onto my compost heap? I can't quite decide and now The Guardian was muddied the waters a little further because teabags aren't all they seem.
The Guardian quote the man from Unilever as saying his teabags are "mainly made from organic material". There's a sealant in there apparently that doesn't biodegrade.
Can I trust my lemons? Are they fully biodegradable? And perhaps it's time to go back to tea leaves and a strainer.

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  1. Let's bring back Sophistication and use a teapot.

    Having said that, it sounds like you are already there with your lemon tea.

    (thanks for the mention)