Monday, 11 June 2012

Daisy days

After a lot of running around to meetings and things over the last week or so it has been great to spend a little time being in the garden. Not doing much, just being.
We have had a lot of rain over the last few days, but nothing that unusual. So it's been strange to hear about what's been happening just an hour up the road in Aberystwyth. On Saturday we were enjoying the sun in the garden while the rain was still falling on flooded holiday parks in and around Aber.
Anyway, the recent rainfall seems to have accelerated growth. Grass in our meadow area that was ankle height a week ago is waist height now, or so it seems.
Along the hedge there's now tall nettles too. But the most eye-catching change is that the ox-eye daisies are now in bloom; there's something charmingly simple about them, like a child's drawing of a flower.

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