Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Take off

Stressful times. The latest brood of swallows are leaving the nest and things are highly-charged. As far as I can see there are five of them and they've all passed their basic flying test - they can get around inside the garage, but haven't as yet ventured outside.
It has a number of downsides for us. For a start there's the poo issue. While the chicks are in the nest a strategically placed seed tray catches the droppings, which can then go onto the compost heap.
Now though the famous five keep moving around inside the garage and under each temporary perch there's a scattering of swallow poop. Then there's the problem of over-protective-parents; whenever I go anywhere near the garage it's like a re-enactment of the Battle of Britain, with lots of angry twittering and low-level runs at my head.
It's worse for the cat. He seems very confused by the fact that he now has to dash for the cat door under sustained attack.
With a bit of luck the youngsters will soon move on to the next stage, going out into the big world during the day and only coming home at night to roost. Then life should quieten down a little for all of us.


  1. And, soon, they'll be gone?

  2. A week on and they're still with us. They go out during the day, but come 'home' to roost on their roof beam.