Sunday, 18 November 2012

Plant iced

How do you get tennis elbow when you never play tennis? Anyway, I have it and I'm told it's down to too much keyboard bashing and mouse clicking.

So, blogs and blogging are banned for the foreseeable. But I can't resist just a quickie while the osteopath is looking the other way to put on record that we woke up to our first frost of the winter today.
A clear blue sky and ice crystals on every surface. The sun has soon melted it all away, but I did get the chance for a bit of macro photography experiment with my new extension tubes (a bargain at just £5).
They seem to work really well, although the depth of field is a bit challenging. And I'll have to do something to deal with the camera shake - this is an iced-up ice plant taken with and without the tubes.


  1. Who thought blogging was a dangerous sport?!

    Have fun with the tubes.

  2. That's it, a dangerous sport... I'm now just about back in business thanks to a bone-cracking osteopath and a new computer desk. Makes you realise though that now human activity is without some sort of hazard.

  3. I understand - oh, brain going! - that thing where they stick needles in you . . . is good for tennis elbow.
    I found I needed to raise the level of my keyboard to avoid aching fore-arms.
    Imagine occasional pressing of keys is allowed, a tap here, a tap there, even when elbow risky?

  4. Well it was elbow and neck actually and I did think of trying the needles, but went to an osteopath instead. And it seems to have done the trick. Good as new, or almost.