Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Family time

We've not had much snow here, but the cold spell has brought lots more birds into the garden. First pickings each morning are going to the gang of crows that wait for me to fill up the feeders.
We always have lots of jackdaws around and this morning I counted 16 at the feeders, on the bird table or waiting for a turn to eat. Over the last week or so they have been joined by a few magpies, two or three rooks and, today, a single jay.
The rooks find the hanging seed-feeders a bit tricky, but seem to have got the hang of the cage that holds fat balls. One bird gets hold of the fat through the mesh and then whacks it against the bars until bits fall to the ground where the others are waiting.
I feel as though I'm on my way to 'collecting' the whole crow family as we also get a carrion crow dropping in from time to time, but I may have to wait a long time to complete the set. Yes, ravens do over-fly the garden from time to time, but I don't expect to add a hooded crow or a chough to my bird list any time soon...  

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