Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Song time

At last there's just the beginnings of spring here. For the first time today there's a chaffinch singing in the garden and the snowdrops in the hedge are in bloom.
It has been a strange, bird-less winter in our garden. I reckon we've only had a frost three or four times and I've given up feeding the birds because the uneaten dregs were sitting around for days.
I suppose the winter has been windy and rainy, but fairly mild. Our birds have been able to find the energy they need without coming to my garden feeders.
My gauge of bird hungriness over the last couple of years has been the firethorn that I put in when our neighbour had her new fence  built. It's close to one of our windows and just a couple of steps from their backdoor.
That's too close to us humans for comfort for most birds. They only come for the berries when they get really hungry, which has been around Christmas. Last year a couple of blackbirds stripped all the berries over a couple of icy days.
But this year we're all the way to late February and the lion's share of the berries are still in place. Seems a waste; I'm thinking I should do something with them - firethorn gin, maybe?


  1. Maybe it needs no greater function in life than to look good against the bare fence? Thanks for your note on Loose and Leafy. Would you be interested in joining us in following a tree this year?

    1. I'll definitely be a follower this year. Last time round I picked a tree that disappeared into undergrowth, which made it difficult to photograph so this time I'm going to be a bit more choosy.

  2. A hasty note to remind you there will be a link box for Tree Following posts on Loose and Leafy tomorrow (March 7th). It'll stay open for seven days.

  3. Checked in today. I look forward to seeing your tree. JC