Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fur's fair

Still no sign of swallows here, although we saw them at the coast at the weekend. Someone told me that they move along the coast and then head inland along rivers, so they should turn up soon.

In the garden, there's a sudden interest in our rabbits. The hutch and run collects their fine hair, which catches in the wire mesh and on spider's web, and at this time of year it becomes a valuable commodity. Sparrows have been dropping by to collect a little, but the most persistent fur-gatherers are the great tits that I think are using the nestbox on the old apple tree. Each morning they are at the hutch, one going inside to collect fur while the other keeps watch nearby.
That nest should be especially soft and warm.  It's amazing just how much material the bird manages to pack into its beak; quite a feat. I'm reminded of those pictures of puffins holding half a dozen fish at a time.   

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