Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Going strong

Me and my followed tree haven't go together that much over recent weeks. I blame the good weather (before Hurricane Bertha, that is) because I've been celebrating the sun by letting it get to my legs.
And wearing shorts doesn't mix well with nettles, does it?
The problem is that my little oak has disappeared behind a wall of big, tall stingers, so I've not been able to see it. But today I've put the legs away and fought my way through to  my tree.
Suprisingly, it looks as though it's doing really well. Its leaves are robust and it looks like its grown to nearly double its height, despite being shaded out by the opposition. Young oaks are clearly tougher than they look.


  1. Considering that an oak tree produces between 70,000 and 150,000 acorns a year, your little oak has done very well to germinate and to get to this size. It looks very healthy.

    1. The odds against are pretty amazing. And it came so close to me running the lawnmower over the top of it too.

  2. Such a pretty green. Maybe the nettles are protecting it from whatever might destroy it / eat it along with its thousands of siblings and millions of cousins.