Sunday, 23 November 2014

Colour scene

What a difference a month makes. Way back in (warm, dry) October I took this picture of my walnut tree with the idea that I was going to post it here. The yellow of the leaves was so intense - somewhere between lemon or butter.
The tree is a slow-grower, but is coming along. I can't remember exactly when it went in, but it was probably the winter of 2002/3. More than 10 years ago anyway, and what was a stick is now two hand-spans around at the base.
Since the walnut picture was taken there have been weeks of rain and wind, and I never got around to taking the other leaf-colour pictures I'd intended to post with the walnut ones. Today was brighter though, so I went out with the camera.
The walnut is now completely stripped and bare, and most of the ash trees are too. But where it's more sheltered in the hedge some leaves are hanging on in there.
My watched tree, an oak sapling, is green and gold. The beeches that I used to plug a gap have grown quite well and their leaves are now crisp and brown, but for me its the field maples that are the most eye-catching.


  1. It's now a month later as I write this comment. Yet still there are colourful leaves on some trees. Hope 2015 is colourful and happy.

  2. Hi Lucy, happy New Year. All pretty leafless here now - a storm or two strips everything bare.

    1. It is soo easy to forget when something happened or a tree was planted. I have a big hard cover book. I write notes in there, draw little diagrams and tape labels and other things in there.
      It's a real mess, but I do keep it up, and when I want to find out something I can find it somewhere in there.