Saturday, 18 February 2012

Drop dead gorgeous?

What is it about the humble snowdrop that provokes such strong emotions? Some, a galantophobe splinter faction, rant about them. And, of course, their are the hardcore galantophiles who can't get enough of the things.
With a single bulb going for £725 this week it looks like the war of words about snowdrops is going to run and run. Here, hedgerow snowdrops are coming into bloom and look as good to me (or not, depending on personal taste) as the £725-a-shot 'Elizabeth Harrison'.
Personally, I love their durability. They look gentle, but that's deceptive. Along the banks of the river here snowdrops are doing their thing where the winter floods have stripped the soils away to expose the bulbs. 
I like them, but only so much. On the woodland floor, in long-established drifts, they're quite beautiful, but for me snowdrops rarely work "in captivity" - they tend to look contrived. So, £725 well spent? Not really.

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